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Washington State University
College of Arts and Sciences School of Music

Works Performed by the Washington State University Percussion Ensemble

(Partial Listing since 1987)


Title Composer
A La Nañigo
Mitchell Peters
A whispering…
William Duckworth
Adagio for Strings
Samuel Barber
African Sketches
J. Kent Williams
African Welcome Piece
Michael Udow
F. Michael Combs
Bob Becker
Ave Maria
Franz Biebel
Balalaika (Russian Folk Medley)
Ballet Mechanique
George Antheil
Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks
Modest Moussorgsky
Before the Beginning
Julie Spencer
Christopher Rouse
Burning House Overture Opus 185
Alan Hovhaness
Cadencia para Berimbau
New Rosauro
Canticle No. 1
Lou Harrison
Canticle No. 3
Lou Harisson
Carmen Potpourri
G. Bizet
Casper’s Lullaby
James Horner
Cat Spanking: A Fantasy for Percussion
Christopher Coleman
Cataphonics for Percussion Ensemble
Lawrence Weiner
Thomas Gauger
Cenas Brasileiras
Ney Rosauro
Ceremonial for Percussion
Paul Creston
Children’s Songs – Set 1
Chick Corea
Children’s Songs – Set 2
Chick Corea
Circle Sonata for Percussion Quintet and Tape
Reed Holmes
Clapping Music
Steve Reich
Comedians Gallop
Dmitri Kabalevsky
Concerto for Marimba and Percussion Ensemble
Ney Rosauro
Concerto for Timpani
John Beck
Concerto for Violin and Percussion Orchestra
Lou Harrison
Phillip Parker
Coventry Carol
Credo in US
John Cage
Alexander Lepak
Dance de Samba
Jeffrey Peyton
Deborah’s Theme
Ennio Morricone
Deck the Halls
Devil’s Dream
Digga digga Digga digga Digga digga
Digga digga Deegot!
David Jarvis
Dream Sequence for Solo Trombone
and Percussion Quartet
H. J. Buss
Edifice for Trumpet and Percussion Ensemble
David Jarvis
Eine kleine Nachtmusik
W. A. Mozart
Encore in Jazz
Vic Firth
Equal Fire
Paul Bissel
Eye Irascible
Steve Riley
Fanfare: Beijing, 1989
David Jarvis
Farandole (from L’Arleisienne Suite No. 2)
G. Bizet
Farmer’s Trust
Pat Metheny
Fatal Dances
Jonathon Green
Finale (from the London Trios)
Franz Joseph Haydn
First Concerto for Flute and Percussion
Lou Harrison
Five Pieces for Clarinet and Percussion Orchestra
Phillip Parker
Fred, No Frevo
Ney Rosauro
Gainsborough for Percussion
Thomas Gauger
Golliwogg’s Cakewalk
Claude Debussy
Graceful Ghost
William Bolcom
Hungarian Dance No. 5
J. Brahms
Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2
Franz List
Immortal Dream
Nathan Daughtry
Mantle Hood
In ‘C’
Terry Riley
In Ancient Temple Gardens
William Cahn
Intrusion of the Hunter
Laurie MacGregor
Edgard Varése
It’s Just Talk
Pat Metheny
Japanese Impressions
Anthony Cirone
Junk Funk
Mario Gaetano
Just Buckets (special edition)
Brian Justison
Just Like That
Josh Gottry
Keystone Capers
Thomas Brown
Koholâ for Oboe and Percussion
David Jarvis
La Bamba
La Fille aux Cheveaux de Lin
Claude Debussy
La Mi La Sol
Heinrich Isaac
La Negra (Mexican)
Let’s Give Them a Hand
Francis McBeth
Life of a Fire Truck
David Niemeyer
Living Room Music
John Care
Log Cabin Blues
G. H. Green
Londoner Trio No. 3
Joseph Haydn
Los Dioses Aztecas, Op. 107
Gardner Read
March Zulu
Dan Bukvich
Marimba Spiritual
Minoru Miki
John Wyre
Medley of Zapateados
Metric Lips
Bela Fleck
Minuano (Six Eight)
Pat Metheny
Mitos Brasileiros (Brazilian Myths)
Ney Rosauro
William Kraft
Bob Becker
Music for Pieces of Wood
Steve Reich
Musica Battuta
Harold Schiffman
Mysterious Horse Before the Gate
Alan Hovhaness
Nagoya Marimbas
Steve Reich
Nonet for Brass and Percussion
William Kraft
Jack H. McKenzie
Normandy Beach – 1944
David R. Gillingham
Nutcracker “Sweets”
Peter I. Tchaikovsky
Ogoun Badagris
Christopher Rouse
Oh, Beautiful
Samuel Ward
Omphalo Centric Lecture
Nigel Westlake
Ostinato Pianissimo
Henry Cowell
Paschal Dance
David R. Gillingham
Phase Dance
Pat Metheny
Power Struggle
Nathan Daughtrey
Prelude and Double Fugue
James Reichert
Henry Cowell
David Macbride
Rainbow Ripples
G. H. Green
Alice Gomez
Return of the Wooden Soldiers
Ed Hartman
Ritmica #5
Amadeo Roldan
Ritmica #6
Amadeo Roldan
Rondino for Eight Hand Clapers
Warren Benson
Sabre Dance
Aram Khatchaturian
Sacrificial Rite
David Gillingham
Samba Improvisation
Satellitical Revolution
Zachery Matthews
Sextet for Violin and Percussion op. 108
Alan Hovhaness
Shiva for Flute and Percussion
Brent Pierce
Shock Factor
Nathan Daughtrey
Silent Night
Franz Gruber
Six Pieces
William Cahn
Slavonic Dance #2 in E minor Op. 46
Antonin Dvorák
Song to the Moon
Anton Dvorák
James R. Cobb
Stained Glass
David Gillingham
Mark Ford
Studies in Black and White
Nicolas Slonimsky
Suite for Solo Drum Set and Percussion Ensemble
David Mancini
Sustaining Reaction
David Jarbis
Swedish Folk Song
Sweet Dreams, Elizabeth Lee
Gabriel Musella
Symphony for Percussion
Stanley Leonard
Symphony No. 1 for Percussion Octet
Anthony J. Cirone
Synchronisms No. 5 for
Five Percussion Players and Tape
Mario Davidovsky
Scot Harding
Take That
William Albright
Dan Adams
Tenacious D Medley
J. Back / K. Gass
The Girl With Flaxen Hair
Claude Debussy
The Less We Get Together
The Meddler
Bryan Dockter
The Miraculous Madarin
Béla Bartók
The Swords of Moda-Ling
Gordon Peters
The Wait
David J. Long
The Whistler
G. H. Green
Theme and Variations for Percussion Quartet
William Kraft
Three Brothers
Michael Colgrass
Three Cuban Pieces
William Russell
Three Pieces for Percussion Quartet
Warren Benson
Three Puerto Rican Songs
Morris Lang
Toccata in D minor
J. S. Bach
Toccata Para Instrumentos de Percusión
Carlos Chávez
Toccata Without Instruments
Ramon Meyer
Trick Play
Cullen Migliore
Daniel Levitan
Turning Point
Bob Becker
David Jarvis
Twisted Proverbs
Lynn Glassock
Terry Marsh
Un Misterio
Variations on a Ghanaian Theme
Daniel Levitan
Voices for Twelve Handclappers
Robert Paterson
Waltz from Eugene Onegin
Peter Tchaikovsky
Waltz from Faust
Charles Gounod
When the Clock Strikes Twelve
David Jarvis
Witches’ Dance
Edward MacDowell
Xochipilli, an Imagined Aztec Music
Carlos Chavez
Joseph Green
Till MacIvor Meyn