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Washington State University
College of Arts and Sciences School of Music

Faculty Composition Recordings

Dr. Scott Blasco

Clouds, Light (2016)

8-channel fixed-media electronics (stereo mix)

Monument III: Charleston, Summer of 2015 (2015)

for wind ensemble and electronics
WSU Symphonic Wind Ensemble; Troy Bennefield, conductor (live recording)

I. Say Their Names
II. Liturgy of Remembrance

Queen of Heaven (2011)

piano and electronics
Kari Johnson, piano

I. Hail, Holy Queen! (Angelic greeting of the Mother of God)
II. Full-of-Grace (Kecharitomene)
III. The Unburnt Bush
IV. The-One-Who-Gives-Birth-to-God (Theotokos)
V. The Woman Clothed with the Sun

Stand at the Abyss (2010)

stereo fixed media electronics

Tango-Passacaglia (2009)

flute, violin, cello, and piano
Ann Yasinitsky, flute; Meredith Arksey, violin; Ruth Boden, cello; Karen Savage, piano


Emeritus Faculty Composition Recordings

David Jarvis

Digga Digga Digga Digga
Digga Digga Digga Digga Dee-Got for Two Percussionists

Equal Temperment Percussion Duo from the CD recording “Parhelion”
Eroica Records JDT 3020


Jungle Walk for Solo Marimba

Performed by Cornelia Monske, from the CD recording “Marimba 2”
Recorded in Germany — Audio-max 703 1330-2

MacBeth and MacDonwald for Trumpet and Percussion

Cameradschaft Trumpet / Percussion Duo
Live performance in LaVerne, CA
David Jarvis, percussion and David Turnbull, trumpet

Fanfare: Beijing, 1989 for percussion ensemble (5 players)

Performed by the WSU Percussion Ensemble
David Jarvis, director

Tusk! for Percussion Ensemble (8 players)

Performed by the WSU Percussion Ensemble
David Jarvis, director

Celebratory Music

Performed by the WSU Trumpet Ensemble
David Turnbull, director

Samba For The Children

Performed by the Dozier-Jarvis-Young Quartet
from the CD recording “You Guys Grom Around Here?”
David Jarvis, drums


Kohol? (Hawaiian for humpback whale), written for oboe and percussion quartet, was inspired from the songs of humpback whales.  The compositional melodic and harmonic material was derived from the actual audio frequencies of a whale recorded off the coast of Maui in February of 2009.  The work begins slowly and freely with ocean drums and the oboe stating the main theme in F Lydian.  The theme is repeated in a steady tempo with the marimba and vibes providing the harmonic support.  The middle of the work is fast and rhythmic making use of traditional instruments of the Pacific Islands, particularly the Hawaiian Ipu and the Tahitian Toere.  The melodic lines of the oboe are realized from the frequencies taken from a middle portion of the audio whale song.  The piece returns to the opening theme and ends calmly with the audio recording of the humpback whale mixed in with the harmonic fabric.  The work is dedicated to Dr. Jim Darling and the Whale Trust of Paia, Hawai’i.  Kohol? was premiered on February 4, 2010 at the Festival of Contemporary Art Music on the Washington State University campus.

Retired Faculty Composition Recordings

Dr. Ryan Hare

Tephra for Solo Multiple Percussion

Performed by David Jarvis.

Educe/Evoke for Solo Violin

Performed by Eric Rynes.


Performed by Ryan Hare, bassoon and Keri McCarthy, oboe.

Three Short Pieces for Orchestra

Performed by the Washington-Idaho Symphony
Nicholas Wallin, conductor.

Quasi Improvisando for solo cello

Performed by Ruth Boden, cello