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College of Arts and Sciences School of Music

Tenor/Bass Choir

The WSU Tenor/Bass Choir is an ensemble comprised of students who sing either tenor or bass. Our membership comes from across campus and most singers are non-music majors. We meet twice a week (4:10 – 5:00 PM Tuesdays and Thursdays) and perform at least three times a semester.

Our repertoire is varied. We sing canon’s of choral tenor/bass literature (Schubert’s Sanctus), but we also sing contemporary choral, pop/alternative, and musical theater literature (Bui Doi from Miss Saigon and Soul of a Man from Hell on Wheels).

We’re a very welcoming community and enjoy learning our music in a fun and nurturing environment. Although we hold our standards high we’re excited about helping our singers along their journey.

If you have questions regarding our ensemble please don’t hesitate to contact me.

In the meantime, take a listen to our ensemble (tracks below).

We hope to see you in a future semester of WSU’s Tenor/Bass Choir!


Dr. Dean Luethi

Conductor, WSU Tenor/Bass Choir

Washington State University