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College of Arts and Sciences School of Music

Concert Publicity

This information is made available online for students and faculty of the School of Music for Required Curricular Performances.

Faculty and Ensemble Directors are asked to provide information and photos for Press Releases approximately 2 weeks prior to performances. This information should be sent to Sandra Albers via email text or at PRESS INFORMATION FORM.

This information will be submitted to WSU EVENTS.  Event information will also be available at School of Music Events and College of Arts and Sciences Events.

Faculty who choose to contact the WSU News Service or any of the publications listed below should cc their correspondance to Sandra Albers.

WSU Insider

Send press releases to


Event Listings and Press Release Information will be forwarded to the following publications and sites.

Music Events Listserve

Announcements for the MusicEvents listserve should be emailed to Sandra Albers and received by 9am on Monday mornings for that week’s distribution. Special announcements will be distributed as needed.

WSU Announcements:

Posted each morning & afternoon Monday-Friday to a University-wide list serve.
To post an annoucement: WSU Announcements
To subscribe to WSU.Announcements, send go to: Type in your full name, email address and select WSU Announcements from the pulldown list.

CLA Announcements:

To have your liberal arts event listed in the CLA Announcements, please submit a description of the event (including time, date, and location) to Items for inclusion in Monday’s announcements must be received by 3:00 p.m. of the preceding Friday. Generally, an event will only be included in announcements for the week in which it occurs.

CUB Display

The Compton Union digital signage system not only encourages sustainable advertising but the 15 digital screens strategically located throughout the building see almost a million visitors each semester making it a highly effective way to reach the WSU Community with your message. For more information about our system and the coming changes, visit

Moscow Pullman Daily News

Event announcements to
(208) 882-5561 x236
“Pulse” contact – Alan Solan, x 238
Press releases by Monday at 5 p.m. for the arts briefs or that week’s Pulse section.

Lewiston Morning Tribune

Event announcements to
Contact for A&E:
Jennifer Bauer, arts reporter
(208) 743-9600 x 263
Jeanne DePaul, A&E editor –
Wednesday noon is the deadline for Friday arts section.
Upload high-res images with caption information directly
using this link: www.lmtribune/com/filehub

Spokesman Review

Event announcements to
Press Releases to arts and entertainment editor:
Rick Bonino
Requests info 2 weeks prior to going to press.

Daily Evergreen

Community calendar announcements to:
Press Releases to: and

Pullman Community Update

contact Tim, 335-2288
Information must be received 6 weeks prior to the month of publication!!
(ie, Nov 15 for January publication)

Northwest Public Radio:

Online Arts and Lecture Calendar that NWPR announcers use to promote events in the region. Please submit your event online at

Pullman Chamber of Commerce:

Calendar of Events:

WSU Alumni Calendar

contact Mark Wilcomb:

Additional publicity opportunities are listed below:

On Campus Printing Services are available at:
The Image Shop

BCU (Biomedical Communications Unit)

Kimbrough Music Building Display Case

Display case located at the entry to Kimbrough Music Building is available for event posters. The maximum size of the case is 23″ wide x 42″ high. Posters should be given to Rosanne Chandler in the Kimbrough 260 the week prior to the performance for display.

Northwest Public Radio:

By purchasing time you are guaranteed to be mentioned on the air.  If you are interested in underwriting, please call Dave Deeney at 509-372-7407 or email for more information. Each announcement costs approxiamately $12 and is aired on KWSU-FM 89.1 NPR Classical Music and KWSU-AM 1250 NPR News.

Beasley Reader Board

Visit the Beasley website:
Cost for 4 lines of text: 1 day=$30, 2 days=$50 and 3 days=$65,
$15 for each additional day over 3 days.


Campus Poster Distribution via Residence Life

for more information contact 335-1227

Fliers need to have the sponsoring organization (committee, RSO, or Greek chapter) clearly stated. The original needs to be brought to Residence Life (by the front desk at Streit-Perham Hall) who will stamp the flier with an approval, which lasts for two weeks. The organization is then responsible for making approx 130 copies and returning them to Residence Life. Residence Life will then distribute and post the fliers in the residence halls. Poster must be received one week prior to targeted posting.

Holland Library Posting Policy

All fliers posted in the library must be confined to the bulletin boards near the reference section. The area is mostly used for instructors advertising classes, but it is available to student groups for advertising nonprofit events.

WSU Photos Online

WSU Photo services maintains this collection of campus photos for use by the university community.

CUB Sandwich Boards, Posters & Flush Flashes

Multiple poster options are available via Union Marketing Services if you are interested in displaying your materials on the mall or in the CUB.
Sandwich boards fitt posters that are 27” x 42.5″
Posters @ 11″ x 17″
Flush flashers are 11″ x 8.5″

Posters can be delivered to CUB room L44 for diplay approxiamately 2 weeks prior to your event.

Pullman Transit Ads

From Pullman Transit:
First we only allow nonprofit groups to place advertising in the buses.  If your group is nonprofit then there is no charge for the advertising.  All postings are subject to approval, the process for getting a poster approved is:

Produce a proof of what you wish to post and email it to or deliver it to 775 NW Guy Street. It can’t have any for profit advertising (example: this event ‘Sponsored by Pepsi’)

  1. We ask that there not be any admission costs noted on the posters.  It is ok to refer readers to a web site or location for ticket information (example: please see our web site at ______ for ticket and seating information)
  2. The finished posting must be exactly 11 inches tall (including laminate) and not over 24 inches in length.  I ask that they have some kind of end date; for events the event date will be the removal date.  For all postings I ask that they are hung no more than 3 months.
  3. Once I have reviewed your proof I will notify you of any changes that you may need to make before producing the postings.  If there are no changes to be made I will notify you that they are ok to post as is.
  4. You will then need to produce the posters for the buses (we have 18 buses and I suggest 2 per bus) and deliver them to our office.
  5. Once we receive them the vehicle cleaning staff will get them in the buses.  Usually within a couple of days from when they are delivered to our office.

If you have any questions feel free to call.
Chris Mitchell, Fixed Route Supervisor
Pullman Transit (509) 338-3265


If you have additional information that should be added to this page,
please contact Sandra Albers.

Washington State University