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Washington State University
College of Arts and Sciences School of Music

Policies for the Use of Kimbrough Music Building During Covid-19

Please read the following policies that must be followed in order to use the facilities in Kimbrough Music Building. University administration agreed to our use of the building based on our safe practices and our ability to follow the protocols. Help us maintain our privilege to open Kimbrough Music building by following these guidelines:

Students will be allowed to be in the building only at their assigned time. You should go in for your scheduled time, do what you are there to do and exit the building when you are done. Please discuss schedule changes with your studio teacher.

Any other business with a studio teacher, the office or your advisor should be scheduled by contacting faculty or staff:

Prior to entering the building you must attest on MyWSU:

Masks are required at all times, unless you are actually required to remove your mask to play.

Masks must be worn by non-wind and non-brass during practice.

You must honor practice start and end times - because they have been scheduled with appropriate air changing times to clear contaminants from each room.

Pathways have been established in the building. Please follow to maintain social distancing. The stairwells have been assigned (the stairway near the Chinook is UP and the stairwell near the CUB is DOWN).

All entrances are open. Choose the entrance closest to your destination.

Water fountains are not available. Please bring your own supply. However, the bottle filler on 2nd floor is operational.

Disinfecting supplies and directions are in all the practice rooms. Please be sure to adequately sanitize all the equipment, furniture and instruments that you touch.

Music Library Protocols:

Music Library open hours are reduced to standard business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm).
A quarantine procedure has been established for all returned Music Library materials.
Access to the Music Library is to be limited the librarian, 1 employee, and 8 patrons.
Social Distancing signage has been added to the floor.
Acrylic barriers have been installed at all main circulation terminals to protect employees and patrons.
All employees and patrons are expected to be masked and gloved while in the Music Library.
All stacks have signage and barriers indicating that only 1 person is allowed in a range of shelving at any given time.
Chairs have been taped around the main circulation desk to act as an additional social distancing precaution.
Procedures for “Music Library Quick Express Pickup” have been established to reduce direct face-to-face interactions with the public.
Signage has been added to the Music Library directing the public to only use the main doors to enter and the fire doors to exit.

We are lucky to be able to use the building and we are glad that you are here!