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Washington State University
College of Arts and Sciences School of Music

Percussion Recordings

WSU Percussion Ensemble

David Jarvis, director


Edgard Varese—Ionisation


John Wyre—Marubatoo


Brent Pierce—Shiva for Flute and Percussion Ensemble

Performed with Ann Marie Yasinitsky, flute
(world premier performance)


George Antheil—Ballet Mechanique (1954 version)


Michael Colgrass—Three Brothers


Gordon Peters—Swords of Moda-ling

David Jarvis, percussion

David Jarvis—MacBeth and MacDonwald

Performed by Cameradschaft trumpet / percussion duo
David Jarvis, percussion and David Turnbull, trumpet
Live performance in LaVerne, CA


Jeff Peyton—The Final Precipice for Timpani and Tape


David Friedman—Trance

Sequential music by David Jarvis


Ralph Turek—Rounds for Marimba and Tape


David Jarvis—a.s. of 1991 for drum set and tape