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Washington State University
College of Arts and Sciences School of Music

Choral Opportunities for High School Students


The Vocal/Choral faculty at Washington State University offer many educational opportunities for high school choral/vocal students to grow and excel in music.

During October of each year, the WSU School of Music welcomes high school students throughout the region for an educational Choral Festival. The goal of this event is to excite, encourage, and educate students while developing a spirit of camaraderie and commitment to choral arts. We offer the opportunity to receive feedback from respected clinicians who will help your choir to improve technique, maximize artistic expression, and set goals for the year. The choral director has an option for a private conference with one of our clinicians.

In the fall, Drs. Dean Luethi and Matthew Myers travel throughout the state as clinicians for the WSU Choral Leadership Retreat. This day long event invites student leaders in high school programs for a day of coaching, masterclass, and education meant to improve their leadership skills in the choral rehearsal. This impactful day empowers high school singers to find thoughtful and unique ways to support their home choral programs.

In January, our voice faculty offer Vocal Festan opportunity for soloists and small ensembles to receive feedback on their technique prior to Solo/Ensemble Contest. Singers will participate in master classes throughout the day and also attend workshops to build performance skills. This event is held the same weekend as Scholarship Auditions and our spring semester Music Major for a Day.

In January, WSU hosts the Tenor/Bass Festivalan opportunity for young tenors and basses to sing together and build performance skills and confidence. High Schools from throughout the Northwest bring their students to participate in this mass choir event. Our ultimate goal is for your students to take both their learned skills and enthusiasm for singing back to your classroom.

The Vocal/Choral faculty are available to work with your choir throughout the academic year. Schedule a clinic or master class on your campus with one or more of our world class faculty. You can also bring your choirs and soloists to WSU’s School of Music for high quality, educational music experiences.

Contact Dr. Dean Luethi at 509-335-4813 for further information.