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Washington State University
College of Arts and Sciences School of Music

Request an Event or Performance:

Please use the form to request all performances and events at the WSU School of Music. All available concert dates are listed in the form. Please select only one date. If you have a special request or can’t find a date that works with your schedule, please reach out to Libby Akin before completing the form.

Submit Your Publicity Information:

Publicity information is due two weeks before your event, or as soon as you have it, whichever comes first. Your electronic entry will be used to create production paperwork, press release and the archival recording CD cover. Provide all details of performance including performer information, full composer details, timings, performance notes and press information.

Please complete the form below to submit your publicity information.

Program Templates and Submission

You must create your own program and submit the digital file in your publicity form, or via the program upload below, at least 48 hours before your performance. Program templates are listed below.

Program Templates:

Provided in Word and PDF format for your use. Right click, Choose Save Link As. To download and customize these templates it works best using Adobe Acrobat Pro, but can also be Saved As a Word document.

FAS Program, Half Page (Microsoft Word) When editing your program, please make sure to edit both pages.

Large Ensemble (Microsoft Word)

Student Recital Program, Half Page (Microsoft Word)  When editing your program, please make sure to edit both pages.

Student Recital Program (PDF)

Student Recital Program (Microsoft Word)

Allegro Program (Microsoft Word)

If you need assistance with formatting, need additional pages for program notes, or have any questions, please email Libby at

Download and Submit Your Stage Set-Up Page:

You can submit online by sending an email including and Libby Akin at, OR by printing and placing a copy in Shaun Sorensen’s box in the Kimbrough office.

Please complete a set up for each musical piece.

If there is only one set up for your concert, you may note that on the form.

If you have any questions, please contact Libby Akin or (509) 335-4148.