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Washington State University
College of Arts and Sciences School of Music

Music and Pre-Health Professions

Combine creativity and your future medical practice. If you are a musician who hopes to enter a medical or health profession, this is the program for you. In this program, you can receive world-class music instruction and earn a BA in music while preparing for admission into a professional program for your health profession of choice.

Careers Served

In collaboration with WSU’s Health Professions Student Center, our Music and Pre-Health Professions program can prepare you for careers in:

Veterinary Medicine
Physician Assistant
Physical Therapy

About the Program

The Music and Pre-Health Professions program allows you to pursue a music major while completing all the prerequisites for admission into professional school in the health professions. Because the Bachelor of Arts in music includes 38 credits from outside of your music degree, you can complete this program in four years. Your music study will include lessons on your instrument or voice, instrumental and choral ensembles, music theory, music history, and class piano. You will graduate from this program as a well-trained, independent, and versatile musician. Music students can make excellent professional school candidates as they are hardworking, well-rounded, intelligent, and involved in their communities.

Health Professions Student Center

Every pre-health profession student at WSU has access to the Health Professions Student Center. The HPSC helps students with every aspect of preparing for admission into professional school. The advisors at the HPSC don’t just help students register for the right classes. They help students find volunteer hours opportunities, prepare for entrance exams, and assist students in writing their personal statements. Every semester, you will meet with your music academic advisor and your HPSC advisor to ensure you are on track for graduation and for your future pursuits.