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Washington State University
College of Arts and Sciences School of Music

Jazz Recordings and Video

Jazz Big Band

Directed by Greg Yasinitsky


Flatten That Curve
Composed by Greg Yasinitsky

After Charlie
Composed by Greg Yasinitsky

WSU SaxBand

Directed by Greg Yasinitsky

Jazz Northwest

WSU Faculty Ensemble


Composed by Jake Svendsen
featuring Jake Svendsen, piano; Greg Yasinitsky, tenor saxophone; Horace Alexander Young, alto saxophone; David Turnbull, trumpet; César Haas, guitar; Darryl Singleton, drums; with David Bjur, bass


Performed by members of Jazz Northwest-

When I fall in love

Performed by members of Jazz Northwest

Selected Recordings  of Horace Alexander Young

Saxophone Performance as a soloist/leader

Minha Princessa

from Heart’s Desire (Design Records, 61287341002)
Minha Princessa. (Horace Alexander Young) Horace Alexander Youngtenor saxophone, with Mike Sunjka, guitar.

Joan-Cape Town Flower

from Acoustic Contemporary Jazz (PACIFIC COAST JAZZ/PCJ75100)
Joan-Cape Town Flower. (Abdullah Ibrahim)· Horace Alexander Young, alto saxophone, and Skip Nallia, Hammond B-3 and piano.

Chicken n’ Waffles

Chicken n’ Waffles.  (Horace Alexander Young, Travis Milner and Abe Fogle) · Horace Alexander Young, tenor saxophone, and Andre Hayward, trombone. This recording is a tribute to The Jazz Crusaders.

Mr Robinson. (Paul Stafford)

From “Sun Rise” recorded by Paul Stafford (PRECISION RECORDS 9802)
Mr Robinson. (Paul Stafford) Horace Alexander Young, soprano saxophone. Paul Stafford keyboard, bass, drums, keyboard programming and sequencing.

Pulses and Nexus (Marco Bittelli)

From “Libera” recorded by Marco Bittelli (PACIFIC COAST JAZZ/TOL PJ82237)
Pulses and Nexus. (Marco Bittelli) Horace Alexander Young, tenor saxophone. Marco Bittelli (guitar), Charles Argersinger (piano), Dave Snider (bass) and Dave Jarvis (drums).

Duke 88 and The Wedding (Abdullah Ibrahim)

From “African River” recorded by Abdullah Ibrahim and Ekaya (ENJA R2 79617)

Duke 88 and The Wedding (Abdullah Ibrahim) Horace Alexander Young, alto saxophone.  Abdullah Ibrahim (piano), Robin Eubanks (trombone), John Stubblefield (tenor sax), Howard Johnson (baritone sax/tuba), Buster Williams (bass) and Brian Abrahams (drums).


Composition/Arranging and Songwriting

Someday Never Comes (Argersinger/Young)

From “Charlie Argersinger’s L.A. Rendezvous 2” 
Someday Never Comes  Music by Charles Argersinger, Lyrics by Horace Alexander Young. Recorded by Sunny Wilkinson (vocals) and Ron Newman (piano).