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Washington State University
College of Arts and Sciences School of Music

Undergraduate Admissions

Undergraduate applications (2024-25)

1. Priority deadline for applications is January 31, 2024.
2. Admissions are considered for applications and auditions received past the deadline.
3. Scholarship may or may not be awarded after this date, depending on available funds. Note: WSU’s hard
deadline for submitting the general scholarship application is May 1st.


How to apply

1. Apply to WSU
2. Complete the WSU General Scholarship Application. Hard deadline: May 1st.
3. Audition for the School of Music

Undergraduate applicants should prepare works for their audition as specified in the School of Music audition


Audition requirements

Prospective students may elect to audition to the WSU School of Music in person or by submitting a recording.
Undergraduate applicants should prepare works as specified by each area. For specific audition requirements,
please select your area below:


In person audition information (2024-25)

The WSU School of Music offers three on-campus audition options for undergraduate applicants. Applicants
should indicate their preference directly on the School of Music Audition and Application Form.

1. Fall Audition: Monday, October 30, 2023

2. Spring Audition: Monday, January 29, 2024


3. Individual audition appointment


Recorded audition information

Undergraduate applicants may submit a recorded audition to the WSU School of Music. Please consult the
guidelines found under audition requirements for details on what to include in your recording. The WSU School
of Music recommends the following general recording guidelines:

1. Record your audition
2. Upload and save your audition video
3. Share link (YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, etc.) on the School of Music Audition and Application Form.


General recording guidelines

1. Double check the audition requirements for your instrument and major
2. Determine what equipment you are going to use for your recording
3. Focus on sound quality
4. Frame your video to show your instrument and technique clearly
5. Test your recording before uploading or sharing links
6. Apply