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Washington State University
College of Arts and Sciences School of Music

WSU Presentations: NAfME All-NW Conference 2023


Friday, February 17

11:30 AM- Danh Pham, Money Chat: Don’t Eat CATFOOD When You’re 67!

3:00 PM- Chris Dickey, The Four Ls of LGBTQ+ Inclusive Strategies in Music Instruction

3:00 PM- Danh Pham, Ensemble Intonation and Time with the Yamaha Harmony Director!

Saturday, February 18

8:30 AM- Dean Luethi, Gem Hunting: A Systematic Approach to Finding and Selecting Repertoire

8:30 AM- Keri McCarthy, 75 Minutes to Strong Oboes

10:00 AM- Albert Miller, Popular Music in the Secondary Music Classroom

10:00 AM- Darryl Singleton and César Haas, Don’t Quantize! “Authenticize”: Latin American Music in Your Program

1:00 PM- Matthew Myers, conductor, Treble Choir

2:30 PM- Jazz Northwest, WSU Faculty Jazz Ensemble

Sunday, February 19

11:30 AM- Martin King, 10 Simple Steps to a Great Horn Section

11:30 AM- Matthew Myers, Breaking the Ice: Building Respectful Culture in the Choral Program

2:30 PM- Dean Luethi and Matthew Myers, Setting the Tone: Voice Placement for Choirs