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Washington State University
College of Arts and Sciences School of Music

Music Major for a Day Visitor Testimonials

Bryan Hall

What our visitors are saying:

  • The idea of coming to college was daunting but when I arrived for Music Major for a Day, the people were monumentally nice and welcoming.
  • The program pushes you to do your best but you will become a better musician for sure!
  • Being immersed in a higher level of music education than I had seen before had a huge impact on me.
  • I was able to see and hear students being successful while the process was happening.
  • You get to see a combination of a high level of performance and expectation from students, but in super welcoming environment.
  • At some schools, the programs seem cutthroat and overly competitive. At WSU, you witness the same high level, but you feel like everyone is there for you, helping you be at your best.
  • It was really refreshing to see student-teacher interaction. What I found especially cool was how all the students were free to speak when they chose, and were so involved in the topic.
  • The experience of being in a college campus setting and getting to go to the actual classes a music major would take was a very useful opportunity.
  • I was reassured that the interest I have in music will continue to grow in college and I am confident I will enjoy being a music major.
  • I got to meet great people and students and got to personally talk to the faculty members.
  • I have also attended a few jazz festivals at WSU and every time I go I feel welcome and connected with everybody.
  • I couldn’t think of a better way to spend that day so thank you for having us!!
  • WSU is a very great school with a great atmosphere with so many opportunities and a superb and welcoming campus.
  • The classes weren’t extremely big and the teachers were inviting.
  • WSU has a lot more music options than I thought.
  • I didn’t know I could make going to college to study music “worthwhile”. I was told I couldn’t make money in the music industry. I found out that that was wrong!
  • Everyone was so welcoming. The private instruction was a great bonus. I very much enjoyed the opportunity to sit in on classes, and the faculty was very welcoming to us as visitors.
  • I was surprised how much I loved singing with the choir!
  • My daughter came away with a wonderful appreciation for everything WSU has to offer and will definitely be applying next year.
  • I can’t wait to be a Coug!