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Washington State University
College of Arts and Sciences School of Music

Studio Voice Auditions

For Fall 2020 Studio Voice Auditions, please see the information on the Choral Ensemble Auditions page.

Students who wish to take voice lessons must complete a voice audition.

Audition material should demonstrate the applicant’s musical and technical ability and be representative of his or her present stage of development. Two contrasting songs should be presented. We recommend that one of these songs be sung in a foreign language, if possible.

The voice faculty is much more interested in musicianship, quality, and evenness of tone production than in excessively difficult literature.

Repertoire should be as assigned by your voice teacher or choral director. Appropriate examples may be found in the following collections: Art Songs, Pathways of Song, 55 Art Songs, and 24 Italian Art Songs and Arias.

For the best impression, every attempt should be made to perform your songs memorized.

Any student who does not qualify for Studio Voice will be given the opportunity to join a voice class and may audition again for private lessons after a semester.

Although a live audition is required for private vocal instruction, you may prefer to submit an audio or video recording when applying for a scholarship.

Scholarships are available to students majoring in music, taking music as a minor, and those enrolled in ensembles.  Scholarships are based on talent, achievement, and need.

Scholarship auditions are held prior to March 1. Please contact the School of Music for information.


Audition Procedure

The audition for admission to studio voice will include:

  • Undergraduate students: Two prepared songs (pianist will be provided by WSU)
  • Graduate students: Five prepared songs representing varied styles and languages (pianist will be provided by WSU)
  • A pitch memory test
  • A sight-singing test
  • A demonstration of basic keyboard skills
  • A short interview with the voice faculty
  • Plan 30 minutes for the audition


Click Here to Apply


Or, you may schedule your audition by contacting:

Dr. Julie Anne Wieck

(509) 335-4331
School of Music
Washington State University
Pullman, WA 99164-5300