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College of Arts and Sciences School of Music

A message from Dean Luethi, director of the School of Music

Dean Luethi Welcome and thank you for visiting the WSU School of Music website. We believe our school is a special place and we hope you find that to be your experience, too.

The School of Music is a tight-knit community that fosters a “family” feel. Our students meet friends in ensembles, learn and teach together in studio classes, and create life-long bonds through the joy of the performance and study of music.

We believe in teaching to our students’ potential. Every student is unique and we celebrate and honor their uniqueness by understanding their strengths and weaknesses. Our goal is to prepare our students to make profound contributions to the future of music.

We believe in fostering a nurturing climate versus a competitive environment. This enables students to develop skills in ways which are organic. We hold studio classes each week in which the students become the teacher. This allows everyone the opportunity to champion others and to be championed as well!

As a top research university, we offer the opportunity and funding for undergraduate and graduate research. Our students win grants, perform internationally as soloists, and present at conferences.

Our exceptional faculty are at the forefront of their respective fields and are excited to guide our students through their journey. Our award-winning professors and instructors perform at important conferences and venues, and record albums in our in-house recording studio. Music by our acclaimed composers is published and played all over the world. Students are proud to study, compose, and perform with our faculty.

Students want to be a part of enriching and aesthetically rewarding musical experiences as performers and audience members. At WSU’s School of Music, we take pride in the achievements of our students in the private studio and their collaborative efforts on stage. Our student ensembles tour internationally and perform at conference venues throughout the country.

Our in-house recording studio allows us to record outstanding musical performances and compositions by students and faculty and distribute those recordings through our own label WSU Recordings.

Our degree programs prepare students for careers in the classroom, on stage, in the studio, and in collaborative enterprise. Whether a student plans to be an educator, performer, composer, or arts advocate, a degree in music at WSU provides a solid foundation for success.

I am thrilled by the many opportunities available to our students and faculty and the energetic, welcoming environment of our music community. It is a privilege to be the new director of the School of Music. I look forward to continuing the school’s long tradition of the highest standards and facilitating new ways to prepare our students for rewarding 21st-century careers in music.

Best regards,

Dean Luethi, DMA

Washington State University